A charitable organization “Charitable Foundation “Kopiyka” was founded in 2014.

  The aim of our Foundation is to help sick children. Especially we pay close attention to dysfunctional and impoverished families. Because most often children from such families don’t get help on time or have not enough money for treatment.

  The Foundation invites the every person who wants to take part in charity. Because everyone can make a contribution to this work in spite of his or her wealth and social status.

  The Charitable Foundation “Kopiyka” works as openly as possible and according to current Law of Ukraine and international rules and regulations. To provide more effective assistance the Foundation works with government agencies, medical institutions and other organizations. 

  Why is it called “Kopiyka”?

  We aim to bring to people the idea that one coin will not change anything, but everyone who donate a minimum, can really help someone who needs it. Together we can create a miracle!

  Our Foundation does not compete with other organizations, but offers cooperation in helping people. So you can always contact other charitable organization at the same time.

The future of society depends on the attitude to children today!